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Journal name: Sosio Agri Papua.
The aim of this journal is to improve scientific communication, understanding and application of science and technology in the socio-economic field of agriculture and / or agribusiness. The scope of the journal includes scientific disciplines in the fields of agriculture and agricultural technology, including: socio-economic agriculture and agribusiness.
e-ISSN: 2615-6482 
p-ISSN: 2088-3684 
Acreditation: On Progress
Publication Frequency: Published on Juni and December
Url OAI: http://journal.faperta.unipa.ac.id/index.php/sap/oai
Prefix Doi: 10.46252
Editor in Chief: Els Tieneke Rieke Katmo, SP.,M.Si, Ph.D  <Google Scholar>
Publisher: Jurusan Sosek Fakultas Pertanian Universitas Papua

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Vol 11 No 01 (2022): Juni 2022


Published: 2022-07-01


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